The Three little pigs

Once upon a time there were Three  little pigs .    “My dear children, the time has come. You must leave home and go into the world. You will start your new lives!” their mother told them.    This story starts here… The Three  little  pigs were walking until they found a great place where they could build their houses! All of them had an idea.    

The Three Little Pigs

The youngest pig decided he would build a house out of straw. It was the fastest and easiest way to build his house.    He would not have to work so hard and then he could start playing and singing. The middle brother decided to build his house out of wood. He made a very nice house of wood using trunks and branches he found in the forest.

Their older brother was very busy all the time, working on building his house. And why?  Because the oldest little pig was building his house out of brick. It took longer, but his house in the end looked very strong. He finished an amazing brick house in one week.  But the next day… the  wolf  arrived to the place. The  wolf  was very hungry.

The Three Little Pigs – The houses

The  wolf  approached the houses of the  little pig s. He first stopped at the straw house. The youngest  little pig was resting inside his home. And then the  wolf  knocked on the door and said in a loud voice: “Open that door and let me inside. Or I will huff and puff and blow your house down.”    And he blew down the straw house. The  wolf  was able to enter, but the little brother fled at the last moment.    And soon he arrived to the wooden house of the middle brother. “Let me in!” he said out-of-breath.

The middle brother let him inside.     The  wolf  arrived and knocked on the door of the wooden house. “Open that door and let me inside. Or I will huff and puff and blow your house down.”    The middle pig said “You cannot enter by blowing down my house.” But again, the  wolf  huffed and puffed.    First he tried once and he could not bring down the house.    And then with his second breath he blew down the wooden house.    

The two  little   pigs  ran and ran. At last they succeeded in hiding themselves inside the house of their older brother. “Brother! What can we do?”    The oldest  little pig  told him: “Get out of here, evil  wolf , you will not blow this house down!”    The  wolf  was very angry. He huffed and puffed, blew a very strong wind with all his might and…nothing happened. He could not blow the house down. He tried it once, and again he had to blow and a third time.    But not a single brick moved.    

Tired, the  wolf  thought of entering the house. He saw the chimney on the roof. He then started climbing up the wall until he reached the chimney.  The oldest  little pig  saw what was happening through the window, so he rushed to light the fireplace. He placed a pan with water over the fire. The water was soon boiling.    

The  wolf  finally reached the chimney and climbed inside. He jumped down to the fireplace, not knowing that there was a huge pot of boiling water. The  wolf  had sunk in the water the moment it began to boil. “Ahhhhh! I’m burning!! I’m burning!! Get me out of here, save me!”